The ‘mostly peaceful’ narrative.

Time reports the results of a study on the ‘Black Lives Matters’ protests under the headline “The vast majority of Black Lives Matters protests—more than 93%—have been peaceful.”

According to the study, we are told, fewer than 220 locations were host to violent demonstrations, defined as those involving “acts targeting other individuals, property, businesses, other rioting groups or armed actors.”

The fact that there have been only 220 areas with violent demonstrations will no doubt come as a great relief those who fear suffering the same fate as the hundreds of businesses that have been vandalized, looted or burned down, the hundreds of people hospitalized, and the thousands of law-abiding citizens unable to use roads or go about their daily lives for fear of harassment, injury or worse.

The media of course has been pushing the ‘mostly peaceful’ narrative as though their lives depended on it, but their political activism masquerading as serious journalism is increasingly difficult to get away with when people can watch livestreams of the nightly pandemonium live on the Internet. The ‘mostly peaceful’ narrative is to the media as the rock is to Sisyphus.

There is also an important difference between most of the protests being peaceful ( = some peaceful protests, some violent protests), and a particular protest being mostly peaceful (= a violent protest). All too often the media means the latter, which is like claiming a serial murderer lived a mostly peaceful life.

Russian roulette, by the way, is mostly harmless.

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