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J.D. Pigott, 14 May 2023

The Scientologist in All of Us

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A look back at the Hestia 2023 Conference

During the Covid-19 pandemic the downturn in international academic events led to a significant scaling back of the Hestia group’s activities. Although events continued, they were primarily online and, lacking the direct interaction and opportunities for extended discussion and exchange of ideas that the group was founded to facilitate, we effectively put our output here at The Iconoclast on hold for the duration of the pandemic. Thankfully, this Spring we were able to hold our first in-person conference since the start of the pandemic at Thammasat University in Bangkok, Thailand. You can read a summary of the event here. Now that academic life has returned to a more even keel, events and regular articles will continue as originally intended.

Upcoming Events

Kyoto Symposium, September 2023

The Hestia 2023 Symposium will be held this year in the city of Kyoto, Japan on September 8th and 9th. The focus of the event will be on the impact that containment policies and lockdowns have had on education, development, and culture. Details of the event, and the form for submission of abstracts, can be found here.

Bangkok Conference, March 2024

Following on from our successful Spring 2023 conference, we will return once again to Thammasat University in Bangkok for a conference focusing on the theme of Regional Governance and the Asia-Pacific Balance of Power. The event will be held on March 9th and 10th 2024 and further details, and the form for submission of abstracts, can be found here.