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Media Shenanigans

Anonymous sources

In an article on a Trump and mask use, Maegan Vazquez, Dana Bash and Kaitlan Collins (yes, it took three people to pen a 530 word article) write the following: The shift to encouraging mask-wearing was primarily motivated by floundering poll numbers, a source familiar with the President’s thinking told CNN. Everybody knows about the […]

The ‘mostly peaceful’ narrative.

Time reports the results of a study on the ‘Black Lives Matters’ protests under the headline “The vast majority of Black Lives Matters protests—more than 93%—have been peaceful.” According to the study, we are told, fewer than 220 locations were host to violent demonstrations, defined as those involving “acts targeting other individuals, property, businesses, other […]

How to tell the truth and lie at the same time

Numerous articles last week declared that the 2020 Democratic National Convention drew 20% more television viewers than the Republican National Convention. Most of them failed to mention the fact that this is not 1996, and we are no longer reliant on TV. In fact, nearly six times as many people watched the RNC online than […]

One for the books

Julian Assange has always been something of a polarising figure. Many see him as a champion of journalistic ideals, many others as either a threat to their state or even as a “seedy, egomaniac”. The latter views seem to be influenced by the rape allegations put forward against Assange that later dramatically collapsed upon themselves. […]

Jekyll & Hyde Political Ethics

Following the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg America’s political extremists have found fresh ground upon wish to flaunt their intemperance. With Trump entering his last 50 days before the next election, and potentially the last four months of his presidency, many have said that the window has grown too narrow to reasonably appoint a successor […]